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Camp Management

We specialise in providing camp management services.

We manage mobile camps, supporting our rig operations, ranging in size from 20 to 60 occupants however we have the capability to manage fixed camps ranging in size up to 1,500 occupants. Our team provides turnkey solutions including comprehensive camp management services such as maintenance and grounds keeping, asset management, administration, camp moves, pest control, security, water and fuel delivery and waste management as well as catering and housekeeping services such as menu planning, dietary requirements, food safety audits, wellbeing and nutrition services, health programs and cleaning.

Health and Nutrition

We aim to maintain positive morale and support a high standard of mental and physical health in our camps. This is achieved through improved fatigue management, mental health awareness initiatives and implementation of health and well-being programs.

Our hospitality-style service focuses on healthy living and eating to ensure proper nutrition. Every site is managed by a qualified Chef with clear communication about the advantages of healthier food choices. Our menus are developed by our qualified dietician to ensure all meals are nutritionally balanced to provide high levels of sustained energy and vitality. Leading the way in nutrition initiatives is our priority and in partnership with the Queensland Government we developed a set of nutritional guidelines for Australian remote area camp food services. These guidelines provide a standard for healthy meal options as well as information on how to implement the guidelines and promote healthy eating in remote locations.

Eat Well Live Well Guidelines

As part of our commitment to provide the highest standard in food safety, we have developed and implemented a HACCP Food Safety System. The purpose of the system is to identify and control all significant food safety hazards. We continually verify our Food Safety System by conducting regular inspections, performing micro analysis of ready to eat food and conducting HACCP Audits across all sites every six months.

Camp Facilities

We have the capability to provide camp management services for an existing mobile or fixed camp but we also have the capability to source camps facilities specifically suited to your project.

We have experience in designing and building camps that can be transported across rugged terrain with minimal impact and maintenance required to the camp. Skid and trailer mounted camps give our clients’ flexibility with both camps designed to be set up within hours of arriving on location to ensure minimal disruption. Our camps are generally built to include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, store room and gym/recreation room, however we are able to provide alternative solutions to meet specific needs as required. Our camps are designed and built to ‘plug and play’ so Camp Managers can commission the camp immediately upon arrival.

We can also provide highly transportable, environmentally friendly sewage processing units that treat sewage on-site using waste water requiring minimal chemicals and providing full mobility without the need for emptying. This eliminates the need for site excavation and pumping untreated materials to pits off-site.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management


To achieve this goal we have developed a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System that is simple to apply and administrate with practical outcomes. With the help of our experienced and multi-disciplined HSEQ team, we are able to outline and support our expectations for behaviour and safety culture, and by providing the necessary tools for employees, we have established a program which develops and promotes a positive safety culture with clear and defined standards, across all of our operations.

Operational Systems Plan

The Operational Systems Plan (OSP) provides easy access to our policies and procedures to establish the operational parameters for all employees. The OSP is responsive and flexible to change which supports the diverse scope of our operations, and is easily adaptable for new operations.

Behavioural Based Safety System

Through our in-house program Your Choice we provide guidance to employees on the types of behaviours that facilitate effective operations. The program recognises that everyone has a choice in their behaviour and that there are consequences when employees choose to act in either a positive manner, a negative manner or make no choice at all. For each of these choices, the program allows for an evaluation of thought patterns and behaviours through measurement against the attributes and qualities that support our safety culture.

Quality Management

We are committed to achieving increasingly higher standards of service and improving our performance and capability. Our efforts are demonstrated through regular inspections, compliance audits, standards reviews and continuous improvement quality management initiatives. These activities result in better business outcomes for our clients through improved efficiency and increased performance. Utilising our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, we manage the adoption and implementation of appropriate quality systems to track and control changes to documents.

Engineering and Workshop Facilities


Utilising our dedicated team of engineers, draftspersons and trade qualified teams we can ensure the end product is tailored to suit our clients’ operational needs. Our team of experienced mechanical design engineers and draftsman provide complete in-house mechanical, process design and drafting solutions for all rig packages. Our proficiencies and technological capabilities include mechanical design, 3D CAD modelling (SolidWorks), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), engineering detail 2D drafting, reverse engineering and preparation for manufacture, prototype manufacture and testing, fabrication, machining and installation. Our fully equipped workshop, based in Toowoomba, has up to 30 permanent trade staff and a Project Management team to support a wide range of solution-focused activities including new builds, repairs, modifications and manufacturing. Our people and processes are fully tested and we have reliably delivered a number of technically challenging projects with a focus on providing latest technology equipment that is safe and efficient.

In 2008 we designed and engineered the Advantage Drilling Rig which is ideally suited to Coal Seam Gas (CSG) but also has the capability to complete a wide range of work scopes including but not limited to production and coring wells. In 2013 we managed the build and supply of the Ideal Prime Drilling Rig, a 1,500HP AC drilling rig specifically designed for deep, high pressure, high temperature tight gas holes. We managed the international construction, shipping, mobilisation and commissioning of the rig. A high level of commitment to risk assessment and management, exceeding industry standards in regards to health, safety, quality and training, we were able to deliver the rig package above and beyond our client’s expectations.

Most recently in collaboration with our client, we developed an innovative and optimised well servicing rig. Designed and built in Toowoomba to Australian Standards, our Advantage Light Rig incorporates a range of design improvements that have significantly improved productivity and safety performance. Specifically designed for CGS well infrastructure, the rig is fast moving, efficient and safe with the flexibility for multiple work scopes resulting in several million dollars’ worth of savings annually for our client. Through all of our projects we maintain a high level of risk management in our design and manufacturing processes delivering rig packages and other equipment specific to the highest industry standards.

Maintenance Services

Our remote locations are supported by a diverse team, trade qualified in electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, welding, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and wire rope inspecting with the capability to overcome any challenge to support our clients’ operations.

Our Preventative Maintenance Strategy is managed and delivered to the field utilising a Computer Maintenance Management System (MEX) which has been heavily customised relevant to rig operations over the past 10 years. With over 1,470 planned maintenance policies, the system allows the Rig Managers and Field Maintenance teams to receive customised daily reports on equipment requiring maintenance. This maintenance system also records asset movements, allowing us the ability to track and monitor equipment for scheduled, preventative and predictive maintenance across our fleet. Easternwell is currently delivering a fleet wide rig down rate of 0.68% for 17 rigs in 2016 with a cumulative rate of 1.52% since 2010.

Through MEX, our Preventative Maintenance Strategy is conducted both on and off-site providing real time maintenance tracking and compliance documentation control. All preventative maintenance routines are controlled documents, which are derived from OEM manuals, Australian Standards, industry standard practices and guidelines such as API’s and IADC. All preventative maintenance routines are reviewed regularly. The preventative maintenance system is continually evolving as a result of additional plant deployment, equipment modification or historical learnings.

Certifications and Licences

Our trade specialists are uniquely qualified in their field. All of our Electricians are trade qualified and in many cases they are dual trade Electricians and Refrigeration Technicians. Each Electrician holds the relevant Australian electrical and HAVD licencing and Easternwell holds an Electrical Contractors Licence allowing us to service third party equipment. All of our Mechanics are trade qualified Heavy Diesel Mechanics who have knowledge of a vast range of equipment and experience trouble-shooting equipment in remote locations. All of our Welders are trade qualified and coded to weld to Australian Standards for Structural Welding and Pressure Piping. Our NDT Inspectors are certified by the Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT). Pressure Vessel Inspectors are certified by Australian Institute for the Certification of Inspection Personnel (AICIP). Refrigeration Technicians are licenced by Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).

Supply Chain Management

Our operations are supported by an end to end supply chain function encompassing procurement, warehousing and distribution, logistics and inventory management. With an average of 2,000 purchase orders issued per month and annual spend of $100 million; we process an average of 10,000 items through our Distribution Centre each month. The centralised Warehouse and Distribution Centre supports three regional warehouses and 25 rig warehouses. Continuity of supply and strategic sourcing activities ensures our operations keep working, delivering a competitive advantage to our clients.

Having the right spares at the right time is critical. Our industry knowledge and operational focus enables us to run an automated critical spare replenishment process eliminating stock outs. An average of $20 million worth of inventory and critical spares are held at any one time with our rig packages holding between $250,000 and $1 million per site. All materials sourced are assessed by our HSE team and stringent compliance and Q&A practices are supported by electronic document control ensuring all equipment meets client and industry requirements.

We work closely with our preferred suppliers and sub-contractors to develop performance standards and identify opportunities for innovation and strategic alignment with our clients. Our team of highly motivated professionals respond quickly to operational challenges and are supported by a fully integrated ERP system enabling efficiently procurement and automated inventory management functionality.

Easternwell’s logistics network supports reliable delivery to some of the most remote areas in Australia. Our supply chain management system is easily implemented into new operations and is the forefront of our service delivery for clients.

Operations Support

Our skilled Rig Crews, Field Superintendents and Operations Managers have a combined industry experience average of 13 years in managing safe and efficient operations. Having a well-balanced operations team with local and international experience allows us to be flexible and proactive in our approach to managing varying operational requirements.

Our dedicated Crew Coordinators are the main point for contact for our crews working in the field. They manage rosters for each rig, book training, speak to each crew member prior to them heading to the field, meet crew members at the airport to communicate important messages and generally provide support and guidance to our crew members.

Developing the skills and competencies of our people has a direct impact on the safety, performance and productivity on our operations. For these reasons we place a heavy emphasis on the continual training and up-skilling of our workforce and ensure our policies and systems respond to the needs of our operational requirements.

Aviation Services


We operate 3 Beechcraft King Air aircraft (2 x B200 and 1 x B300/350) to predominately provide crew logistics Australia wide. Currently conducting up to 12 crew change flights weekly, the ability to support our operations through the use of dedicated aviation resources has allowed us to provide additional services such as emergency compassionate flights for field crew, management field visits and “hot shot” parts and equipment up to a weight limit of 1,000kg. This invaluable service allows us to be responsive to our operational needs and minimise down time during critical operations.

Our in-house Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are licenced to conduct engine, airframe and avionics maintenance and have 58 years’ combined experience working on King Air aircraft. All of our aircraft have been upgraded to the latest Garmin G1000 avionics which gives our pilots enhanced situational awareness making for safer flight operations. Our B200 King Air aircraft have been upgraded with new Blackhawk engines to provide better performance in hot conditions with many of our operations in South West Queensland and South Australian desert. As well as traditional tarmac, our aircraft have the ability to land on unsealed runways such as grass and dirt allowing us the flexibility to reach the most remote locations.