Easternwell makes food fun in the field

Easternwell helps make food fun for residents based in remote camps by providing theme-based food nights every month.

Our Chefs and Housekeepers plan the unique menu and decorate the camp kitchens and dining rooms to help create a special setting for the event.

Over the years, the theme nights have developed into a healthy competition between our camps to see who can come up with the most creative ideas despite the confines of a camp kitchen.

Introduced in 2015, theme nights have become a highly anticipated event with our residents who enjoy the menu variety and join in on the fun which can sometimes include quizzes, activities and costumes.

Previous theme nights include Australia Day, NAIDOC Week, Oktoberfest and other cultural-based cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese, Fijian and most recently, Italian where residents enjoyed bruschetta, arancini with garlic and sage, beef scollopini, chicken saltimbocca, gnocchi with napoli and spinach, ratatouille and tiramisu.

Easternwell General Manager Marco Waanders said: “Our Chefs and Housekeepers really enjoy the challenge of coming up with new ideas for our theme nights, as well as new ways to make the theme nights special for our residents.”

“It is such a simple way to boost morale at the camp and for everyone to have a good time.”

Our Chefs and Housekeepers are always seeking feedback from our residents about the theme nights with a view to implement even more creative ideas next year.

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