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Rig rebuild improves capability at Olympic Dam

Easternwell’s Gorey and Cole team recently completed a rig rebuild to one of its mineral drilling rigs to improve operational capability at Olympic Dam.

Originally purchased as a shallow hole grade control rig, it was rebuilt and upgraded to allow for deep-hole drilling operations.

The rebuild incorporated a number of safety improvements, which significantly reduces safety risks for the rig operators.

A newly installed platform provides access to the mast and allows the radiator to be filled without the need to work at heights.

Interlocking slips and a hydraulically operated table reduces the risk of dropped objects and automatic high pressure shutdowns reduce potential stored energy risks.

Lock out and cut out features for the spin cage and rod handler reduces the potential risk of entanglement.

Additionally, the introduction of a front and rear tramming station provides increased visibility to enable safer lining up of the drill with well holes.

Colin Marshall, Driller for Gorey and Cole, with 10 years’ experience working on mineral drilling rigs throughout Australia said, “The rebuild of the rig is a good balance between safety, practicality and production. This rig compliments the high standard of operations on site.”

Technical experience and know-how allows Easternwell to offer better solutions to clients with a safe and practical outcome.

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