Our Response to COVID-19 - Click here for more information

Keeping teams safe in the field our top priority

Taking care of our people as we continue to deliver essential services for our clients is our top priority. Our teams in the field are staying safe by following stringent COVID-19 safety requirements to ensure we maintain safe and sustainable operations.

Some of these safety requirements start well before team members arrive on-site with a pre-deployment questionnaire designed to assess possible symptoms, check if an individual has been in contact with someone who may have been exposed to COVID-19, or has other symptoms.

Where possible we are removing the need for teams to cross-shift thereby limiting contact between crews who are relied on to maintain ongoing operations and reducing the need for teams to interact with visiting tradespeople.

For all work locations, Easternwell has undertaken an assessment of potential COVID-19 risks and implemented controls to ensure the safety of all team members while on-site. Some of this controls include mandatory temperature checks when arriving on-site, mandatory hand washing requirements, regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces, cleaning of vehicles pre and post operation, and allocation of isolation rooms.

Our teams are maintaining hygiene and social distancing requirements while in our camps as well by eating at staggered times of the day, using disposable plates and cutlery and portion control/single use items such as control condiments, cereals and drinks.

A weekly Safety Toolbox Talk is conducted to remind and update all team members about COVID-19 precautions and responsibilities and provides an opportunity to check in with each other to increase awareness of mental health support resources.

It is through these additional hygiene and safety measures that we can keep our teams safe in the field to continue their work as essential services employees.

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