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Easternwell rebuilds dual rotary rig for its fleet

Easternwell has enhanced its drilling capacity through the acquisition and upgrade of a dual rotary rig for its fleet.

Easternwell’s workshop team in Welshpool and local contractors have upgraded the Foremost DR24 rig with features that improve the safety and productivity of the rig.

Easternwell General Manager Andrew Chandler said the rig bolsters Easternwell’s dual rotary operations with a fleet of eight rigs.

“With all of our dual rotary rigs gainfully employed in the field, we needed to increase our capacity to meet current and forecast demand, the most efficient option was to purchase a locally based rig and complete our upgrade program that has been developed over the last few years.”

“Our team has rebuilt this rig so that it is safer and more productive through integration with rod and casing loader, fitting of hydraulic rod breakouts, fitting of zero energy cut offs to drill platform, fitting of rotating foot clamps, installation of working at heights platform in mast, integration with discharge control unit and upgrade of tilting head capacity.”

The rig is bound for Fortescue Metals’ Solomon Hub in Western Australia’s Pilbara Region and will be drilling exploration and production bores.

Easternwell is a subsidiary of Broadspectrum, providing innovative solutions across the social, defence, property, infrastructure, resources and industrial sectors.

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