Easternwell to provide drilling services for Strike Energy

Easternwell has signed a contract with Strike Energy to provide drilling services in the Perth Basin in Western Australia.

Commencing in May, the contract involves the drilling of one well to 5,200 metres using Easternwell’s Rig 106. With a mast capacity of 750,000 pounds, 1,600-barrel mud system and three 1,600 horsepower mud pumps, the rig’s capability extends from drilling deep, high pressure, high temperature tight gas holes, to plug and abandonment campaigns.

Broadspectrum’s Chief Executive Resources, Tim Phelan said: “It is exciting to be working with Strike Energy to bring Rig 106 to the Perth Basin to drill one of the biggest conventional targets in Australia.”

“The technology of the rig sets it apart from other drilling rigs with enhanced mobility, unparalleled control, drilling hydraulics, enhanced safety and environmental features.”

“Our selection as the drilling contractor of choice plays to the strength of our organisation in delivering high impact wells within challenging environments and we look forward to drilling West Erregulla-2 with Strike.”

Easternwell’s Rig 106 has previously drilled deep wells in the Cooper and Surat Basins with the possibility of similar drilling opportunities in the Northern Territory.

Easternwell is a subsidiary of Broadspectrum, providing innovation solutions across the social, defence, property, infrastructure, resources and industrial sectors.

For more information, refer to Strike Energy’s ASX Announcement - West Erregulla Update: http://www.strikeenergy.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/20190114_West-Erregulla-Update.pdf

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