Drillers cabin

A high level of automation is at the core of the rig’s design, reducing manual tasks such as monkey board operations, slips handling, elevator handling, catwalk operations, casing stabbing from the stabbing board and nipple-up and nipple-down of the blowout prevention system, significantly driving down risk exposure to the drilling crew.

Anti-collision and zone management software is integrated into all automated operating equipment, providing an additional layer of safety and protection for the rig crew.

Safety is further enhanced by the provision of maximum drilling capability and control of the rig equipment through the AMPHION cyber chair control system; the most advanced operating system in the market.

Delivering more torque and power in a smaller package, the Ideal Prime Rig can manage drilling depths of 5,000 metres.

The rig mast has a hook load capacity of 750,000 pounds and can rack 5,000 meters of drill pipe in triple stand configuration.

The major components of the rig are AC driven through a variable frequency drive that is powered by 4 Caterpillar 3512 power generation units.

Underneath rig

Another standout feature is the Top Drive system, which sets the industry benchmark for drilling equipment.

Software integrated in this system can adjust rotating speed based on drilling parameter feedback, which has already proven to reduce well costs through improved penetration rates and drill bit longevity.

All drilling parameters and system operating conditions are measured and logged in real time and can be viewed from the driller’s chair and rig site offices. The same information can also be viewed externally through a web browser or smart phone App.

Consistently achieving less than 0.5% downtime, the Ideal Prime Rig has exceptional rig move capability through reduced number of rig loads and crane lifts required for rig up and rig down.

In addition to this, design features have also been adapted to ensure the rig’s capability for future drilling requirements. These include increased clearance under the subbase, rig skid capability on both x and y axis, additional mud pump for improved drilling hydraulics and high torque drill string to accommodate aggressive drilling parameters.

This innovative combination of technologies has
collectively never been seen in Australia.

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Specifically designed and manufactured in Australia by Easternwell for Coal Seam Gas operations, the Advantage Driller is also capable of drilling all types of gas and oil production wells up to 2,500 metres.

Featuring fast rig up and rig down times without the need for cranes, the Advantage Driller offers superior performance, flexibility and safety.

Advantage driller close up

Typically drilling production wells in just two to three days, this impressive rig also tackles coring wells with ease and features air drilling capability.

The Advantage Driller is a multipurpose drilling rig capable of adapting operations to cater for changing operational needs.

With a proven reputation and extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, Easternwell is the supplier of choice for clients looking for the right combination of expertise and efficiency.

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when you need safe, reliable and efficient rig operations.

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Over the last eight years, Easternwell has built 14 new rigs overseas and domestically. We have drilling capabilities to cater to all environments and offer a fully operational workshop and experienced maintenance team to support rig operations.

We pride ourselves on the smooth and professional operation of our equipment, with our Operations Management team collectively possessing decades of extensive experience both here and abroad.

Easternwell crews are provided world class training and obtain nationally recognised qualifications through our in-house RTO, and many of our Rig Managers (who started with us as Leasehands) have over 10 years’ experience operating our equipment.

In addition to this, Easternwell is dedicated to implementing comprehensive safety management systems and has experienced, expertly trained crews who are committed to upholding rigorous safety standards and delivering optimum efficiencies for clients.

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