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Executive Team


Kyle Koziol

Kyle joined Easternwell in 2007 and has previously held roles in Strategy, Business Development, Human Resources and Health & Safety in government, oil & gas, telecommunications industries. During his time at Easternwell, Kyle has been part of the team that led significant growth of the company and positioned it to succeed with top tier operators in the energy industry. Kyle holds a Bachelor of Science (Business Administration) from the University of Richmond in the United States.


Marco Waanders

Marco has held various roles within Shell International in New Zealand, Singapore, Asia, and Europe. He has more than 25 years’ experience in oil and gas, supply chain and businesses leadership. Marco has also worked in various leadership and contract management roles with Santos in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth before moving into the role of General Manager Commercial for Easternwell in 2006. Marco’s extensive supply chain experience and managerial skills helped him move smoothly into the role of General Manager Camp Management in 2009 where he is responsible for managing the overall strategic direction of camp management operations for Easternwell. Marco’s management role has expanded to include Broadspectrum’s Village Services. Since 2016, Marco has played an active role in the company’s Reconciliation Action Plan and he is Chairperson of Broadspectrum’s Queensland Regional Indigenous Steering Committee.


Easternwell continues to build on a strong track record of developing innovative solutions that increase safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability. With more than 70 years’ experience in water well services and 40 years’ experience in oil and gas services, Easternwell operates with some of Australia’s largest resource companies.

Gorey & Cole Drillers was founded offering water well services.
Transfield Services was founded offering maintenance, shutdown and asset project management services.
Eastern Well Supply was founded offering seismic drilling services.
Nudrill was founded offering drilling services in the Pilbara region.
Colby Drilling was founded offering reverse circulation and dual rotary drilling services.
Eastern Well Supply redirected their services towards well servicing and purchased their first workover rig under the new identity of Eastern Well Service.
Peak Drilling Services was founded offering green field exploration reverse circulation drilling services.
Eastern Catering Services was founded.
Eastern Well Service rebranded to Easternwell Group. Easternwell Group became known for providing integrated well servicing, drilling and remote mobile camp management services.
Australian Drilling Solutions was established through the integration of Sides Drilling Contractors, Gorey & Cole Drillers, Nudrill, Colby Drilling and Peak Drilling Services.
Easternwell Group merged with Australian Drilling Solutions to become Easternwell.
Easternwell became a subsidiary of Transfield Services.
Transfield Services rebranded to Broadspectrum.
Ferrovial Services Australia acquires Broadspectrum.
Ventia acquires Broadspectrum.