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Camp Management

Easternwell specialises in providing remote mobile camp management services and remote mobile camp facilities.  Offering total on site management, Easternwell has established a leading reputation within the oil and gas industry.  Our remote mobile camp facilities and operations are continually praised by clients and employees for continued dedication to the highest level of quality and service.


  • remote mobile and project camp management including:

          -  catering and housekeeping services including wellbeing and nutrition services

          -  camp maintenance

          -  camp logistics

          -  camp construction and rentals

We currently manage 3,000 occupants who consume 12,000 meals in over 60 camps primarily located in the Surat and Cooper Basins and other remote locations throughout Australia every day.  We pride ourselves delivering a high service standard whether the camp accommodates 20 or 400 people. We can supply total ‘turn-key’ camp management solutions including catering and housekeeping services, camp moves, maintenance and security.

Our hospitality-style service focuses on healthy living and eating to ensure proper nutrition with every site managed by a qualified Chef and on-site communication about the advantages of healthier food choices. Leading the way in nutrition initiatives is a priority focus for Easternwell Camp Management. We have implemented a government approved nutrition program whereby all menus and nutrition marketing is endorsed by the Governments approved health network Rhealth.  We aim to maintain positive morale and sense of community in our camps through our quality services, health and safety standards, recreational activities and nutritional advice.

Our camp facilities are generally built to include bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, store room, recreation rooms and gyms however alternative solutions can be arranged to cater for your camp needs. Our amenities can include pay television and high speed internet connection. Easternwell camps are built as ‘Plug and Play’ and designed so Camp Managers are able to commission the camp for use immediately upon arrival on site.  Easternwell camps are designed to meet the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and MP3.3 Temporary accommodation buildings and structure code as well as cyclone requirements for appropriate zoning.

Easternwell specialises in moving camps through Australia’s most rugged terrain. Due to the nature of the terrain, Easternwell has carefully developed the construction process to allow for minimal maintenance. Skid and trailer mounted camp designs give our clients the flexibility when cranes or winch trucks are unavailable for moving skids. Both designs enable camps to be set up within hours of arriving on location to ensure employees have minimal disruption from their daily routine. Easternwell also has extensive experience in fixed camp management.

We can also provide highly transportable and environmentally friendly sewage processing units that treats sewage on-site using waste water (e.g. from laundry activities) and minimal chemicals, allows for full mobility without the need for emptying, eliminates the need for site excavation and pumping untreated materials to pits off-site, and treats the sewage to a standard suitable for release within Australian and Territory standards.

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