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Safety Management

Easternwell is dedicated to achieving ‘No Injury to Anyone, Anytime’ while respecting the community and environment; we believe in and aspire to zero harm. To achieve this goal we have developed a comprehensive HSE Management System that is underpinned by a rigorous hazard identification and risk mitigation process. These processes are supported by a range of tools and personal development strategies designed to maintain high Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) capability and contribute to a sustainable safety culture based on sound leadership principles


The management of HSE within Easternwell integrates the following principles within continual improvement design:

  • Commitment - To be effective, the management of HSE within Easternwell requires participation and support across the organisation; this requires attaining commitment from all employees. Managers at all levels are required to demonstrate obligation to health, safety and environmental principles and practices through personal leadership and the allocation of resources.
  • Planning - HSE is considered an integral part of the planning process across the scope of our operations.
  • Implementation - Appropriate human and financial resources essential to the implementation of HSE policies and procedures are defined and made available. In managing the allocation of resources, we implement procedures to track the benefits and associated costs of HSE related activities.
  • Evaluation - We implement systems to measure, monitor and evaluate our HSE performance and take preventive and corrective action where required.
  • Improvement - The management of HSE within Easternwell is a continual development process and is designed to achieve overall improvement in HSE performance.

Operational Systems Plan

Our Health, Safety and Environment Operational Systems Plan (OSP) provides easy access to Easternwell’s policies and procedures that establish the operational parameters for all employees. The nature of our OSP permits responsive and flexible changes to be made that supports the operating environment and specific operations being undertaken across the scope of our operations.

Behavioural Based Safety System

Your Choice is an in-house program that provides guidance to employees on the types of behaviours that facilitate effective operations. The program recognises that everyone has a choice in their behaviour and that there are consequences when employees choose to act in either a positive manner, a negative manner or make no choice at all. For each of these choices, the program allows for an evaluation of thought patterns and behaviours through measurement against the attributes and qualities that establish Easternwell’s culture.

By outlining the expectation of behaviour amongst employees and providing the necessary tool for employees to measure against the organisation has established a program which develops and promotes a positive culture with clear and defined standards.