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Multiple Service Offerings

We have experience in exploration drilling for gold, copper, uranium, zinc, coal and iron ore utilising wireline diamond coring (NQ, HQ and PQ), conventional (large diameter) 4’’ and 8’’ coring and reverse circulation. We also have large diameter drilling capability (up to 36 inches) and utilise our dual rotary rigs to drill through unstable formations (unconsolidated sediments, spoil, tailings, etc.)

Water bore drilling:
Our specialist capabilities extends to mining, agricultural and civil industries, and includes water supply bores; piezometers (conventional and vibrating wire); mine dewatering and depressurisation; horizontal drilling; reinjection wells (managed aquifer recharge); drill hole flushing; large diameter and dual rotary drilling.

We offer in-house hydrogeological services including advice on water well design, permitting/legislative requirements and other technical or logistical issues.

Our additional services also include:

  • teaming with industry leaders to provide geological services
  • cementing and grouting
  • pumping/yield testing
  • packer testing
  • stress testing
  • large diameter drilling
  • dual rotary drill rigs for unstable formations, and
  • drilling and installation of environmental monitoring wells and piezometers.