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Executive Team


Tim Phelan

easternwellmay15-10_lr_528Tim has more than 20 years’ experience working both nationally and internationally in the oil, gas and power generation industries. His roles have encompassed engineering and construction management as well as business development. He has been responsible for managing operations safely, efficiently and reliably. Tim commenced as Executive General Manager in mid-2014. Prior to this, Tim held the role of General Manager Strategy and Development for Easternwell. Tim holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a post graduate diploma in Project Management from the Queensland University of Technology.

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Kyle Koziol

easternwellmay15-3_lr_528Kyle originally joined Easternwell as the head of Human Resources in 2007 and supported the business during a period of significant growth and change through acquisition to becoming part of a public company. Kyle has also worked with Broadspectrum as a Regional HR Manager. In addition to his roles at Easternwell and Broadspectrum, Kyle has held management positions in human resources and health & safety and has worked in the resources, telecommunication and aviation industries. Kyle’s background in the resources industry, management experience, and time with Easternwell has paved the way for him to provide broader leadership in his current role. Kyle holds a Bachelor of Science (Business Administration) from the University of Richmond in the United States.

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Sheldon Burt

easternwellmay15-6_lr_528Born and raised in Western Australia’s mining town of Kalgoorlie, Sheldon has spent 30 years in the drilling industry. With his family involved in mining and drilling for over 60 years, Sheldon commenced his drilling career as a Drillers Offsider and has drilling contractor experience in Australia, West Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East. He started his own drilling business in 2004, growing the business significantly before selling the business in 2011 and moving into the role of General Manager Minerals and Gorey & Cole.

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Marco Waanders

easternwellmay15-1_lr_528Marco has held various roles within Shell International in New Zealand, Singapore, Asia, and Europe. He has more than 25 years’ experience in the oil and gas and supply chain industries. Marco has also worked in various roles with Santos in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth before moving into the role of General Manager Commercial for Easternwell in 2006. Marco’s extensive supply chain experience and managerial skills helped him move smoothly into the role of General Manager Camp Management in 2009 where he is responsible for managing the overall strategic direction of camp management operations for Easternwell.

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Paul Maher

easternwellmay15-11_lr_528Paul has over 15 years’ experience in Finance and Commercial Management. He has held a number of financial and operational management roles within the transport, retail and tourism industries. Paul’s background in both financial and operational management has developed his commercial experience and allowed him to develop a true business partnering approach, providing insightful support to all areas of an organisation.

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